This project is for local Thai developer, Magnolia, and responds to changing market conditions in Thailand. It is not in central Bangkok, but well-located near a railway station and appeals to local or commuter buyers, hence the units are predominantly highly compact studio and 1-2 bedrooms. The overall masterplan includes three residential towers, a retail mall, an office component and an experimental house. HB Design is responsible for the master plan for the three residential towers and is designing two of them. Once again the aim has been to contribute to a dynamic skyline and avoid the repetitive ‘cookie-cutter’ model. The towers are all different heights, not parallel to one another, but fanning out, slightly off-set, and centred around a circular radial pattern. Each tower is broken up into two volumes with the lift lobby as the fulcrum. In this way, what could have been a bulky tower become more elegantly vertical. Inside, the corridor lengths are shortened, being split into two sections by the central lift lobby, and open at each end to generate natural light and ventilation.

One of the challenges has been to design extremely compact apartments, which still feel spacious. Another challenge was how to integrate the external CDU units while maintaining the integrity of what is a very elaborate façade.

There is a strong green theme to the project, which is part of a strategy to provide residents with generous amenities to balance the relatively small units. There are landscaped sky terraces at the very top and suspended facilities at mid-building. Landscaped decks and extensive gardens form the base of the development. Which will, once all three towers are completed, become a consolidated landscape zone providing generous open space.