Window & Facades

Buildings, as the largest users of energy, are also our greatest opportunity for energy conservation and protection of the environment. The rapidly growing energy needs have raised global concerns over continued depletion of energy resources and their negative impact on the environment. The façade is one of the most significant contributors to the energy conservation and comfort parameters of any building. Strategies and technologies that allow us to maintain our satisfaction with the interior environment while consuming fewer of the resources have always been the major objectives for contemporary façade design. A well designed façade can effectively control the physical environmental factors such as heat, light and sound, thus improve the occupant comfort within a building. The location and climate are crucial factors in selecting appropriate façade materials and deciding on the design strategies for sustainable facades. The cover story of this edition focuses on the various approaches for designing sustainable facades for the future, which are high performing, comfortable, safe, at the same time aesthetic. It also discusses emerging façade technologies, and advanced, smart materials for facades, describing their properties and …

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