4 FEB 2016

Thank you everyone for attending our book launch and joining in the celebration of HB Design’s 20th birthday!

A special thanks to Ong Tze Boon for the lively introduction speech, to Salamander Lifestyle & Spa for sponsoring our champagne and  thanks to Periplus and Tuttle and the whole Berkeley Books team for being so patient during the past few months and coaching us through the process. It hasn’t been easy but we are proud of the result.

HB Design, Selected Architectural Works
is currently available at book stores in Singapore, Thailand , Indonesia and will be soon available in Australia and the United States. It won’t be on Amazon until September 2016  so please be patient if they are your preferred vendor.

If you have any queries please contact us and if you wish to have Hans sign a copy we would be happy to arrange.

With thanks
HB Design