— When Thai monarch, King Rama, founded Bangkok in the late 18th century, he bestowed upon the bustling waterway that ran through his new capital a title fit for royalty — “Chao Phraya” (the River of Kings). Settlers to the city built their homes along the river’s banks, its waters providing the maritime access essential for commerce as well as the fish to feed a growing population. Today, Chao Phraya remains a busy thoroughfare. The living space that has built up aside its shores however is vastly different.

Living on the river affords you the ability to have a space like this which could be a resort
Hans Brouwer, design consultant

This transformation is no more apparent than at the edges of Khlong Ton Sai, a formerly barren neighborhood on the river’s western banks. It is here that “The River” — an aptly named tower of condominiums and luxury living space — soars above the bustling waters and streets below. At 256 meters (840 feet) tall, the giant structure is 6 meters (19 feet) taller than Chao Phraya is wide, making it the tallest residential building in Thailand. For Hans Brouwer, the Thai-Dutch design consultant behind the project, The River is a potent symbol of modern Bangkok — a vibrant metropolis that can offer spectacular accommodation at cheaper rate than other big Asian cities. Lush gardens and quiet pools in the facility grounds maintain the feel of an urban oasis amidst the surrounding concrete jungle. “Living on the river affords you the ability to have a space like this which could be a resort if you did not have this poster which is the city of Bangkok,” Brouwer explained. “It has that 5 star feel.”

A new track

A key component of Bangkok’s riverside regeneration and the rise of facilities like The River has been improved transport links, Brouwer explained.

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