Condominium Focus 11th Edition

In your view, what are some of the key trends influencing design and architecture in Pattaya?
The biggest trend at the moment is the demand for more compact condominium units in Pattaya, and we believe this is being driven in part by more middle class Thais wanting a second home by the sea. They don’t need a huge opulent place, just somewhere that has a great location, great views, convenient and stylishly done. Because during their days, they will be out at the beach, shopping malls, dining … so they just want somewhere comfortable to come home to.

However, they do want great facilities and they want quality fixtures, fittings and amenities. So even if the room isn’t huge, buyers still expect great pools and gardens, quality bathroom and kitchen fixtures and fittings, great facilities for kids, modern fitness centre, plenty of parking, somewhere nice to relax and have a coffee, drink or snack. Also, it’s important to have a view from both your living room and your bedroom, which a lot of one bedroom condos on the market here don’t offer.

How important is it for you to integrate sustainable or “green” innovations into your projects and how have you been able to manage this in Pattaya?
UNIXX is my only project in Pattaya so far as lead architect, and because this is a mid-tier product, there are budgetary constraints as to how far you can go with green initiatives. Double glazing wasn’t feasible, for example, but…

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