The notion of houses in the sky, together with high quality common amenities and a striking composition of the formal constituents distinguish this project, the first in Bangalore for HB Design. The aim was to offer something special to the IT demographic of Bangalore, who typically search for something unique. The first stage in this strategy was to break with the standard height development and create a composition of a 100 metre high tower juxtaposed with an extended low-rise 40 metre block. The tower splits at the level of the garden roof terrace of the low-rise block.

The low-rise contains 4-bedroom apartments, which through a mirroring of the floor plan have a double-height terrace with reflecting pool and tree planter. The lower portion of the high-rise houses the 3-bedroom units whilst the upper portion features generous duplex 5-bedroom units. These double-height units feature stunning double-height living/dining rooms, fronted by delicately screened glazing and overlooked by a family mezzanine.

A gym, spa, function room and library are located at the point where the low and high-rise meet, separating the upper and lower levels of the high-rise. This indoor area connects seamlessly to the roof terrace of the low-rise block creating a generous area of elevated amenities for the occupants.

The design of the groundscape with its well-choreographed approach routes, drop-offs and pedestrian pathways to the various lift-lobbies, was crafted to create the experience of an elegant resort hotel. Similarly, the landscaping offers a special experience with two existing mature trees anchoring the gardens and associated pools, pavilions and decks.