We are pleased to share some images of our Borivali Sales Lounge project located in Mumbai, India which is nearly complete.

This is a sales lounge building designed for Oberoi Realtors to display the show units of a high-end residential development named Sky City at Borivali, Mumbai. The brief was to design a sales lounge building to accommodate three show units, 6-8 sales pods, discussion rooms and support facilities.  It will also be necessary to reuse the sales lounge as an office building later once the sales for the development are complete.  We developed the idea of a simple rectangular building block with its length aligned to the road and faced with an elegant curtain wall façade.  The idea of a “frame within a frame” was the key design feature and the detailing of the façade evolved around it.  The other facades were designed with an interplay of simple glass to glass joints and solid walls with textured paint surfaces.

The lounge space has a double height volume with a stone feature wall for the reception.  The sales pods are organised around its perimeter. The space has been kept double height to showcase a large-scale physical model of the Sky City development. One show unit is planned on the ground level and the other two on the upper level along with various support facilities. There is an expansive terrace garden on the roof to cater for clients and to be used as a leisure zone for workers when the building is reused as an office in the future. The overall design and construction are expected to be finished within a period of 9-10 months and should open to the public in January 2017.