Vertical Stratification
The house consists of 3 clearly differentiated vertical stratas:
• Basement: subterranean • Ground floor: open box (to garden) • Upper floor: closed box

The architecture of each strata is clearly defined. The basement is focussed around a central courtyard.
The ground floor is a glazed box with a seamless relationship with the various outdoor spaces. The upper floor is an enclosed box with punctuations defined by strictly defined viewplanes.

Engineering Privacy
The envelope of the house has been defined by the relationship of the internal spaces with the external context. In the case of the ground floor the interior invites the exterior in with the confines of that level defined by the landscaping edges along the perimeter.
In the case of the upper floor, the immediate context was accurately modelled and, following the resolution of the floor plan, clearly defined view cones set up. These cones intersected with the envelope to define the openings – each unique in size and geometry.

The material palette of the house has been kept deliberately simple with only a few key materials used over and over again. All materials are natural, without paint, varnish or other surface coverings. The upper box is clad in a mosaic of copper panels – resembling a cracked eggshell. The other materials are simple granite flooring, wood and natural anodised aluminium.