This project is blessed with a context that truly sets the stage for an unprecedented environment. The masterplan for the overall development has set aside a 22 acre parcel of land to be designed and developed into a park landscape providing passive and active recreation facilities set within a lush, green environment. The project has been designed to link to this amenity both visually and physically – making it more than just a passive backdrop, but an integral part of the holistic lifestyle envisaged.

The architecture has been developed in response to this setting, giving many of the apartments commanding views of the park. The remaining units form part of a large landscaped courtyard with private amenities and a clubhouse. The massing of the development is fronted by 2 elegant towers that form a gateway between the park and the courtyard. The flanks of the courtyard have been broken down into a series of visually interwoven forms that stitch together the rhomboid towers creating an undulating façade. The petals of the rhombus are angled to open up the vistas and increasing view corridors towards the inner courtyard park and beyond.

Great emphasis has been given to the community spaces and amenities provided for the residents living in the township. Beyond the array of the standard offerings of sports and recreational facilities, the design also provides interwoven ‘sky communities’ and ‘sky parks’ towards the top of the building.

The double height Sky Communities provide break-out covered spaces at the 19th Floor  where residents can congregate for community events, reading a book, having a conversation or just have a quiet evening ‘chai’. The Sky Park is located on the roof of the side flanks and crossed over the buildings to create a 100m long park with yoga, barbeque and lounge facilities all enjoying the exceptional views and the cool park breeze.

The exceptional design continues into the layout of the units, which have been carefully calibrated and laid out to create elegant and efficiently planned apartments that appear far more generous than their areas might indicate.


Featured 15 April 2016