Property Report #24

Poet, artist or design extraordinaire? Whatever you call him, design consultant, Hans Brouwer’s body of works has graced glossy international magazines like Wallpaper and House & Garden.

 Talk to Hans Brouwer and his artistic and poetic side shine through as he waxes lyrical on how architecture should inspire and move the human spirit. Then again, Brouwer is no ordinary designer. Founder of HB Design, Brouwer’s design work for a residence in Whitehouse Park in Singapore has landed on the cover of 25 Houses as one of Singapore’s most adventurous homes. In addition, his works for Lush, Singapore and Kim Residence, Hong Kong, have graced respected, glossy international magazines such as Wallpaper and House & Garden, respectively. “We’re part art, part technology, part service and part poet. It is these contradictions that keep architecture and design challenging, maintaining my interest throughout the years,” Brouwer, a design consultant, says from the comfort of his Singapore office on River Valley Road, on what has kept him creating and pushing the design envelope. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Brouwer began his architectural education at the Federal Technical Institute (ETH) in Zurich. He then transferred to the …

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