This is the first high-rise project for developer Marvel Realtors located in a part of Pune where the customary 12-storey height limit is not applicable. Three thin, connected 30-storey towers represent a premium development highlighting several ongoing themes in the work of HB Design. The idea of houses in the sky combines with the democratisation of the high-rise, to provide the amenity of a landed house with the benefits of community.

The towers have a strong graphic presence. Texture is created by a counterpoint of screening, extruded balconies and voids. The façade is equally graphic, a decisive composition of vertical and horizontal elements. This simplifies the appearance but, through the blade walls and vertical sunscreening louvres, also mitigates solar exposure.

Each of the units has a private lift lobby which leads directly into the apartment through a generous foyer. Long corridors are avoided by straddling the living and dining areas on either side with the bedrooms. The kitchen and maids area is designed to have direct access to the core, allowing domestic staff to come and go without passing through the house.
The large 4-bedroom, 400 square metre apartments with their expansive 5 x 7 metre deeply recessed terraces and pools create the experience of living in a house rather than an apartment. The double-storey terraces are achieved by mirroring the apartments. This also generates cross-ventilation which, with the bedroom sunscreens, effectively solar-proofs the units. Additional private amenities include a spa, a jacuzzi and a treatment room as part of the master bedroom.

Two sky terraces connect the towers and house common facilities. One, with spa and gym, is for lifestyle and wellness, the other an entertainment zone with function room, library and children’s area. These common amenities contribute to the high-rise community experience, complementing the private ‘house-in-the-sky’ experience.