This twin-tower condominium set a new benchmark for residential development in Pattaya not just for its quality and the high level of return for its developer, but also for establishing right at the beginning the twin principles of humanising and democratising the high-rise.

Pattaya is a resort destination just one-and-a-half hours from Bangkok and the site was at the northern end of the main Pattaya beachfront road. The oceanfront plot had no height or GFA limit, but allowed only 30,000 square meters per building and required a big setback which was used to create a large garden. A helicam study provided a good sense of the context. This was built into a 3D model which demonstrated the magnificent views north and south across Pattaya Bay. The decision was made to build two single-loaded corridor towers – one at 54 storeys facing Pattaya Bay, the other at 46 storeys facing bays to the north – ensuring that every unit would have a good view. This, together with the fact that the views could never be blocked, resulted in all the units being sold quickly off-plan for the highest prices ever paid in Pattaya. This win-win solution was a testament to understanding where the developer was coming from and speaking the same language while generating a quality design outcome and quality amenity for buyers.

The façade is conceived as a series of units that express themselves like pigeon holes. Double-height duplex units are on the corners of the buildings, separated by a blade wall from the other units. In the top third of the towers is a sky terrace with pool, plunge pool, gym and spa, available to all units.

Another key aspect to the project was its in-built flexibility. All the service elements (kitchens and bathrooms) were placed along the corridor wall. The main risers were on the other side of the corridor. A change of floor plan means that the unit risers can be re-located to suit. This flexibility has two aspects. One is to do with what is offered, allowing customers to choose where in the building they wanted to live, while also offering a mix-and-match selection to the marketing team providing a variety of unit types in a variety of locations. The other aspect is the flexibility to adapt to changing market requirements between when the project was launched and closer to the time of completion. This involved being able to make last minute changes to lay-outs before partitions had gone in, but with the quantum remaining the same.

Northpoint was an affirmation of design as a means to ‘surprise and delight’ Two towers, oriented north and south respectively, with single-loaded corridors ensured that all the units shared equally in the beauty of the site. The corner-sited double-height duplexes provided a new dimension of choice, along with the in-built flexibility of the planning. Together, these creative solutions signalled a new typology in high-rise multi-residential design.



Best Condo Development Eastern Seaboard
Thailand Property Awards 2010

Best Condo Development Eastern Seaboard
Thailand Property Awards 2008