This is the practice’s first project for developer, Oberoi Realty. It is located in north-central Mumbai and is the first part of a two-phase development. The site looks west towards Sanjay Ghandi National Park and east towards Thane Creek and its surrounding mangroves.

This is a big project, with over 1200 apartments, and the aim was reduce the number of towers which would usually carry four or six units per floor. By designing ‘mega floorplates’ with twelve units and two cores it has been possible to reduce the number of towers to two. This means a simpler skyline and significantly less site coverage, allowing more space for gardens, pools and facilities. The challenge was how to make this large mass feel less monolithic and more like a cluster of towers. The solution was to break the floorplate down into distinct components. Hence, the two ends of the towers are triangulated and reach up to 200 metres in height. Meanwhile, the connecting element remains straight and stops considerably lower.

Also helping to offset the downside of higher density, the design of the structure pushes the load-bearing columns to the outside of the floorplate, so avoiding the typical intrusion of these into the rooms. This has also allowed the columns to play a significant role in the development of the façade where they become a major vertical ordering element, giving the tower a very simple expression.