This is a master plan for a mini-city sited adjacent to the second Jakarta ring road, which will eventually link to the airport with an on/off ramp 600 metres from the development. The surrounding area is smallscale residential and the intention is to scale the 5 million square foot Sayana City development in a way, which complements the existing urban landscape. As a mixed use residential, retail, hospitality and retail complex there is a clear agenda to differentiate this project from the airconditioned mega-malls which are now so common in Jakarta.

The strategy here is to reclaim the streets for pedestrians. Hence, this is an ‘outdoor mall’ with shops opening onto pedestrianised plazas and extensive green space. This open space is sculpted by the configuration of the towers and remains uncontested, because no one typology of building is allowed to dominate. This is manifested in the variety of scale, through views and thoroughfares, thus replicating an organic town and offering all the amenities of such a town.

At the ground plane, apart from the retail and hospitality, there will be three-storey ‘shophouses’ (6 metres wide and 13 metres deep). These are integrated into the four ‘lifestyle’ apartment towers with a podium above offering residents recreational amenities. These compact and flexible ‘soho’ apartments offer studio and one- and two-bedroom units. In the later phases of the development a large, gated residential compound will be added, followed by two linked commercial buildings.

The aim with Sayana City is to create the ultimate live/work/play environment, a virtually self-contained urban precinct offering an alternative to the pressured environment of Jakarta city proper.