This is HB Design’s first commission in Surabaya and started out as a masterplan commission. It has since evolved into an architectural commission for the first phase of works on the site, which sits on the eastern edge of the city. This is an up-and-coming area which will soon be connected to the airport by a new high-speed road. There are magnificent views east over farmland to the ocean beyond.

It is a mixed-use development designed to complement a large villa development already under construction. The overall built-up area is 475,000 square metres. The residential component consists of mid-end apartments, high-end apartments, ‘Soho’ apartments and  serviced apartments. In addition, there is office space, a retail mall and street retail. The masterplan stipulates five separate phases to be implemented over an extended period of time.

The design starts with the premise of providing the best views while also offering optimum solar orientation. This meant that all the apartments would be vying for the south-easterly aspect. The design resolves this potential conflict by producing buildings of varying height in a radial array. The aim is to prevent any self-blocking while at the same time providing a compelling skyline composition. The prime residential towers are designed around the theme of community, with social spaces designed into the tower fabric and so continuing HB Design’s vision of democratising the high-rise.